Here’s Why Certified Pre-Owned Makes Sense

November 14th, 2023 by

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, new models have a lot of appeal. There are clear advantages to having a brand-new model. However, in some cases, it makes more sense to go the used route. And when you shop at Dorsett Mitsubishi in Terre Haute, you can explore the certified used models at the dealership. You can enjoy distinct benefits by going with certified used at Dorsett Mitsubishi. Stop by the dealership and see the inventory.
What Certified Used Models Entail
There are important differences between regular used cars and ones that are certified used at Dorsett Mitsubishi. While used cars can come in all styles with all ranges of mileage, certified pre-owned vehicles are different.
When you come to Dorsett Mitsubishi in Terre Haute and buy a certified pre-owned car, expect to get a vehicle that is only a few years old and has low mileage. It also underwent extensive inspection to ensure it is in good condition. When you buy one, it comes with an extended warranty, giving you peace of mind.
Research the Models
Before you purchase a certified used car at Dorsett Mitsubishi, do your due diligence and learn everything you can about the model. Although it has passed a multi-point inspection, you still want to ensure it’s right for you. Evaluate what you need most in a vehicle, including interior features, fuel economy, and safety tech. Compare different models to make the right choice at Dorsett Mitsubishi in Terre Haute.
Look at the Inspection Report
When you buy a certified used at Dorsett Mitsubishi, you’ll have access to the inspection report. This report helps you see how well previous owners have taken care of the vehicle. It will also show whether it has been in any previous accidents and, if so, what was done to repair it. Dorsett Mitsubishi in Terre Haute is a trusted dealer that will provide anything you want to know about the certified used model you are interested in buying.
Take It for a Test Drive
Another essential component in buying certified pre-owned models at Dorsett Mitsubishi in Terre Haute is the test drive. Although you can learn a lot about a car by looking at it, taking it for a spin will reveal whether it’s the one you want. As you test drive a certified used at Dorsett Mitsubishi, pay attention to how it handles the road, how well it accelerates and brakes, and how much space you have inside. Check if there are unusual noises and get familiar with the various interior features.
Shop Certified Used at Dorsett Mitsubishi in Terre Haute, IN
There are some attractive benefits to buying a certified used vehicle at Dorsett Mitsubishi. If you decide to take advantage and choose this option, follow these steps to bring home the vehicle you want. Then, come to our lot in Terre Haute, IN, and talk to the sales team about getting into a certified pre-owned model.

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