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Dorsett Mitsubishi Terre Haute IN
Dorsett Mitsubishi Terre Haute IN
Dorsett Mitsubishi Terre Haute IN


All Internal Lubricated Parts; Cylinder Block (excluding freeze plugs); Cylinder Heads; Flywheel/Flex plate; Harmonic Balancer; Intake & Exhaust Manifolds; Oil pan; Oil pump; Seals & Gaskets (covered parts only); Timing Belt, Chain & Gears; Turbo/Supercharger; Valve Covers


Diesel Fuel Injection Pump, Nozzles, Vacuum Pump; Fuel Injectors (excludes clogged injectors); Fuel Pump, Seals & Gaskets (covered parts only); Thermostat, Thermostat Housing; Throttle Body Assembly; Water Pump & Water Pump Housing


Transmission Case & ALL Internal Parts; Seals & Gaskets (covered parts only); Torque Convertor; Transmission Control Unit/Module; Transmission Mounts; Transfer Case & ALL internal parts; Vacuum Modulator


Automatic Front Locking Hubs; Axle Shafts, Bearings & Supports; CV Joints; Differential & ALL Internal Parts; Drive Axle Housing & ALL Internal Parts; Drive Shaft: Final Drive Housing & ALL Internal Parts; Hub Bearings; Locking Rings; Propeller Shafts, Seals & Gaskets (covered parts only); U-Joints, Wheel Bearings BOTH Front & Rear

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