Dorsett Mitsubishi’s Warranty Explained

October 17th, 2023 by

When shopping for vehicles, some people shy away from looking at used models. Some shoppers worry about purchasing something unreliable — a car that will start to have problems or break down in the coming months or weeks. While this can be a risk with some used cars in Terre Haute, IN, you don’t have to be nervous when you shop at Dorsett Mitsubishi. When you shop here, you can purchase an extended warranty on your used vehicle and have peace of mind and financial protection. The extended warranty offers tremendous benefits and great coverage for your used vehicle.

Limited Vehicle Warranty
Anytime you shop for used cars in Terre Haute, IN, and get a Mitsubishi, you can reap the benefits of the excellent warranty coverage. First, your extended warranty will include limited coverage of five years or 60,000 miles. This will cover bumper-to-bumper issues that might come up during the coverage period. It excludes wear and tear, such as brakes and tires. Keep in mind that non-Mitsubishi vehicles have less coverage than your Mitsubishi from our dealership.

Powertrain Warranty
Repairs of the powertrain system or replacing any key parts will be costly. You can save yourself significant money and a lot of stress by purchasing used cars in Terre Haute, IN, from Dorsett Mitsubishi.

The powertrain limited warranty is an excellent one. This 10-year/100,000-mile coverage is the same that will come with a brand-new model. There is no deductible for covered repairs either. You can service your vehicle at any Mitsubishi dealer in the country and have your warranty cover the costs.

Anti-Corrosion Coverage
A lot of people don’t realize when they buy used cars in Terre Haute, IN, from Dorsett Mitsubishi that even more coverage is available. You can also get an anti-corrosion/perforation limited warranty from our dealership when you get a used Mitsubishi model. This is good for seven years or 100,000 miles and can save you money if you start to notice rust issues on the body of your Mitsubishi. These problems can start to occur on older vehicles, though newer models are not immune to corrosion. Save yourself some trouble and get this warranty as well.

Roadside Assistance
Many people have experienced the frustrations of breaking down on the road or finding themselves stranded somewhere. This can even be a dangerous situation. While you can’t always control when or whether this will happen, you can get help in these difficult situations. With used cars in Terre Haute, IN, from Dorsett Mitsubishi, roadside assistance is available. This coverage is good for the remaining balance of the five-year new vehicle limited warranty and covers all licensed drivers with the vehicle. It will take care of battery jump-starts, gas delivery, flat tire changes, and vehicle lockout services.

Shop Used Cars at Dorsett Mitsubishi in Terre Haute, IN
Shopping for used cars in Terre Haute, IN, doesn’t have to be stressful or seem like a gamble. You can enjoy the benefits of Mitsubishi’s warranty coverage and rest at ease. Visit Dorsett Mitsubishi in Terre Haute, IN, today to learn more about this excellent program.

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