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There are many get your car ready for winter tips we read about year in and year out. Some of us dutifully set aside a day to go down the list and check them off one by one. Others have had to learn the wisdom of these lists the hard way — such as those white-knuckled drives home from work, skidding at every turn on tires that should have been replaced months ago. Or how about having to pull over to the shoulder every ten minutes to clear the snow off that spot on the windshield smack dab in the middle of our line of vision, the one piling up as our road-weary wiper keeps gliding over.

Yes everyone tells us the importance of properly inflated tires, and how we should replace our wipers every November. But there are some common-sense steps we can take on that no one mentions. Maybe car experts think these are so everyone knows what types of things that they’d be insulting our intelligence to even suggest we haven't thought of them on our own. Well, we have news for them, some of us could benefit from a few of those insults.

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7 Tips For the Winter-Wise Driver's Car

  • Clear your headlights, parking lights, and tail lights while the engine is warming. And, for heaven’s sake, make sure all the bulbs are working.
  • Clear the treads of each tire. They won't grip if they're packed with snow.
  • Don't forget the exhaust pipe. If it's clogged, those deadly fumes will find their way into the passenger cabin
  • Know Your Control Panel like the back of your hand. The time to discover how to turn on your flashers, or where the rear window defroster is, is not when you're driving through a snow squall.
  • If your car is new, and this will be your first winter together, do yourself a favor and at least look at the owner's manual.
  • Fill your gas tank when you first hear snow is on the way. You already have enough to occupy your mind without having to worry about running out of fuel.
  • And while you're at it, make sure the tank for the windshield wiper fluid is full — hopefully with winter fluid with a low freeze point. Wiper fluid that freezes on contact is no easier to see through than slush churned up by the car in front of you.

And 3 For the Winter-Ready Driver

  • Move that emergency preparedness kit from your hatch out or trunk to your back seat.  You don't want to have to feel your way through the dark to get a flashlight or trudge through a knee-high snowdrift to get the shovel. Of course, this presupposes that you already have such a year-round ready-for-everything box in your trunk or hatch, stocked with a small shovel, sand or cat litter, blanket, flashlight, batteries, starter cables, gloves, and sturdy shoes
  • Speaking of gloves and shoes. Make sure you're dressed for winter any time you set out in a storm, or duh, anytime in winter. Wear or at least have gloves, a hat, and shoes or boots with treads.
  • Tune your radio to an appropriate station. Some of us feel calmed by classical music or jazz. Some prefer to hear local weather reports or road conditions, and still, others do best in complete silence.

The Very Best Winter-Ready Advice of All

Some winter preps are best entrusted to the skills of a certified technician; things like checking the strength of your battery, flushing the cooling system, filling it with fresh anti-freeze, servicing the heater, and checking your brakes. And if you live in or around Terre Haute where winters can be harsh, you can take your car to Dorsett Mitsubishi,  and wait in the comfort of the WIFI-enabled waiting lounge, checking your email while watching widescreen TV, or helping yourself to a complimentary snack or cup of coffee from the beverage bar. And bonus, Dorsett technicians perform a free five-point inspection as part of every service so you can stay ahead of the game and hope it won't be a long winter marathon.

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Dorsett Mitsubishi Service Department Amenities

Dorsett Mitsubishi Service Department Amenities

Dorsett Mitsubishi Service Department Amenities

Dorsett Mitsubishi Service Department Amenities

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