Here’s How to Inspect Your Car’s Belts

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Under the hood of your vehicle, among many other parts and components, is a series of belts helping to power critical functions. If these belts aren’t working properly or are starting to wear out, your car could face serious performance issues. You could even find yourself stranded somewhere or unable to use your vehicle. Fortunately, there are ways to tell that you need to take care of car belt service in Terre Haute. By looking for certain signs, you can avoid significant car troubles in the future.

Specific Belts in Your Car
You should be aware of what belts are in your vehicle and what they do. Accessory belts are vital in helping to operate important parts such as the water pump, alternator, air conditioner compressor, and power steering pump. The belts that power these systems must be in good condition, or they could compromise the effectiveness of the vehicle. With car belt service in Terre Haute, you can avoid stress on your car and on you.
Issues to Look For

If you suspect the belts are struggling or if any of these functions on your vehicle are faltering, take a look under the hood. Inspecting the belts yourself is part of good car belt service in Terre Haute. It’s helpful to look for cracks, splitting, or fraying of the belts. Keep an eye out for these issues, as they could indicate wear.

Glazing is also common on worn-out belts. Glazing can cause the belts to heat up, slip, or even break. You should also inspect the belts for missing sections of the grooves on the bottom. You may even notice separate layers forming, all of which can be major concerns and should be addressed right away.

Inspect at the Right Time Intervals

Unless you take a look at the belts, you may not always notice problems with them simply by listening to noises or waiting for something to go wrong with the car. Regular inspections can help you identify issues before it is too late.

You can also focus on car belt service in Terre Haute by checking the belts as their lifespans come to an end. Be aware that the serpentine belt will typically last about 50,000 miles. If your car has a V-belt, it usually only lasts about 36,000 miles. If you haven’t replaced either of these belts during these mileage periods, take your vehicle to a professional technician right away.

However, some belts may wear out faster than this, so don’t wait just because you think the belt in your car is newer and, therefore, can’t fail.

Schedule Car Belt Service Today at Dorsett Mitsubishi

Handling car belt service in Terre Haute is not something you want to put off or ignore. The good news is there are things you can do on your own to spot problems before they get serious or threaten the performance of your vehicle. Take these steps now so you can have peace of mind.
Or you can come to the service department of Dorsett Mitsubishi so our team can get your car back in good working order. Stop by today for car belt service.

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